Scentube Xentric Eau De Parfum 80ml For Men And Women

Scentube recommends this fragrance for work, office, informal occasions, or planned visits. You can wear it at any season all round the year.

10 Reviews

4.8 out of 5

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20% 2 Vote
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Fragrance Profile

For who Unisex
Rolled Out 2021
Dominating Blend Amber & Wood

First Blast Saffron, Star anise, Cypress, Bergamot.
Active Radiate Caramel, Jasmine, Lavender, Vetiver.
Cooling Down Amber, Moss, Patchouli, White musk.

Season All Seasons
During Day
Lifespan Die Hard
Radiation Adequate

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10 Review.

Duraid 11/03/2023

This one really smells unique and smells very nice its on of my top favorite fragrances.

Patrick 21/03/2022

Its not simple , not complicated neither .It took my couple of days to be familiar with specially after start getting Compliments from coworkers. Kudos Scentube.

Ahmed el masri 21/05/2021

Ahmed El Masri , it's a wonderful perfume , Very attractive fragrance ، you can smell it from certain distance , stable fragrance for whole day ..

Mohamed kamal 27/04/2021

عطر مميز جدا ريحة قوية وثابتة حتى إلى العودة إلى المنزل بعد ١٠ ساعات دوام ... علبه فخمة وتصميم زجاجة العطر مميزة والسعر مناسب.

Worthy 21/04/2021

عطر جديد ومميز و عالي الثبات يستحق التجربة.

Steev4u 15/04/2021

Not only new as a perfume, It has new rhythm 100% like no other.

Fatima 04/04/2021

وصلتني عينة مجانية من صديقتي و اشتريت العطر بعدها . العطر ريحته روعة و الأداء ممتاز . البوكس مرتب و أنيق و الغرشة فخمة . أنصح به.

Bashar 23/02/2021

A spectacular blend, intense but elegant at the same time. ideal for all day and totally unisex. Recommended to all..

Mohammad 13/02/2021

The perfume is really amazing. Its unique combination and magical smell take me away ❤️.

Ahmed saleh 08/02/2021

For the first time some one at work stoped me by saying Your Perfume is amazing I smell it 2M away Love it ❤️.

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